Financial Assistance Services at MetroHealth


The MetroHealth System provides outstanding, life-long care for all members of our community. There are programs that may help you pay for your health care costs. Whether you may want to apply for healthcare insurance through the HealthCare Exchange, apply for Medicaid or need Financial Assistance, MetroHealth is here to help you. MetroHealth and the government both sponsor programs to enable you to receive the highest quality of care, even if you may not be able to afford it.

Eligibility Team

For questions related to insurance or program enrollment, please contact the Financial Eligibility Team at 216-957-2325 Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

At the current time, all Financial Assistance appointments are remote via telephone or video. The location selection is only to assign a specialist to assist you. The visit may be done from your home, no need to come in for it.

Note:You will need to provide the last four digits of your SSN to complete online self-scheduling. If you cannot provide this information, please call us at 216-957-2325 to schedule your appointment.

Choose Your Visit Type

Please choose how many individuals you are scheduling an appointment for

Note: Please have available any of the following documents that pertain to you and your family for a successful interview and print this page before continuing for a pre-appointment checklist.

To have a successful Financial Assistance appointment, please have the following documents available with you during the telephone or video appointment:

_____ Driver’s license, State ID, Military ID or United States Passport
_____ Permanent Resident Card for all family members
_____ Visas, passport or naturalization citizenship documents
_____ Birth certificates of minor children
_____ Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Death Certificate
_____ Letter of Guardianship and or Power of Attorney
_____ Utility Bill, Commercial Mailing received in the past 60 days
_____ Lease or Rental Agreement signed or received in the past 60 days
_____ Letter describing proof of support and or residency signed and dated
_____ Prior years Federal Tax Return (Personal, Corporate, Partnership Tax) including all W2’s and or 1099’s
_____ Paystubs from each employer for the last three (3) months
_____ Proof of lost income in the past three (3) months. (employment termination letter, benefit termination letter)
_____ Statement of Gross income from the following agencies:
          * Social Security
          * Pension
          * Veteran’s Administration
          * Workers Compensation
          * Unemployment Compensation
          * Short Term/Long Term Disability
_____ Statement of income from:
          * Child Support
          * Alimony
_____ Annual statement of earned interest/capital gains for bank accounts, stocks, bonds, CD, IRA
_____ Monthly gross profit statement for prior 12 months if self-employed, rental property owner, doing odd jobs, business partnership, or corporation owner
_____ Copy of the following program statements:
          * Food Stamps
          * Low income housing
          * Medicaid award/denial letter or proof of Medicaid case closed from another state
_____ Completed and signed FAP/ HCAP Application