MyChart Access Code Request Form

Please complete and submit the information on the following screens to receive a MetroHealth MyChart access code.

After processing and approval, you will receive your access code and instructions via email. Please allow two business days for processing.

You may also request an access code during your next appointment with a MetroHealth provider.



 Get Started

Read the information in the gray box to the right to begin the process of requesting an access code.

 Not a Current MetroHealth Patient?

Only current MetroHealth patients can use MyChart. To become a patient, you can schedule a visit with a MetroHealth provider using the Online Appointment Request tool.

 Accessing a Family Member's MyChart Account

Do not submit the registration form in the gray box to the right on behalf of a child, spouse or other family member to access their MyChart account. To request access, please read our Proxy Access guidelines and forms. Requesting access requires that certain forms be submitted in person.

Note to parents/guardians of MetroHealth patients who are less than 18 years old:

You must have your own MyChart account before you can get access to your child's MyChart account. In order to get your own account, you must be a MetroHealth patient and at least 18 years old. To set up an account, use the form to the right to request an access code, or receive an access code during your next MetroHealth appointment.

If you are not currently a MetroHealth patient click here to request an appointment. At that visit, you will receive a MyChart access code. Once you activate your account, follow our Proxy Access guidelines to request access to your child's account.

 Get a Code in Person

If you have an upcoming appointment with a MetroHealth provider, a MyChart access code will appear on your After Visit Summary. You can use that code to set up your MyChart account right away.

 Questions About Using MyChart on Your Device?

MyChart is a web-based tool; there’s no software to download and install. View our computer browser requirements for information about using MyChart on your desktop or laptop computer, or view instructions for using the MyChart app for your mobile device.